Sustainable  low cost Solar rechargeable Study Light can be made locally and maitain with basic training and also the average  LED lighting beam are scattered making the end user tired but the Study light focus the light on the document not the user.

Two PV Solar System  1 KW. Left and  right a 6.8KW System

Field Installation and Energy testing of a 6.8 KW  Ground Mount Grid Direct Array at SEI, Paonia CO altitude 5600 feet, the installation and commissioning were completed the week of June 21 Summer solstice( the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere) test result well above 7.0 KW; the team and I were very pleased with the result, ideal test condition no clouds, modules shading or soiling. The solar radiation, The annual Energy production by the array per PVwatts estimate is about 10734 KWh/yr enough to power 10 homes using about 1 KWh of energy.                                                                          Test conditions and equipment: Modules,  3 strings of Eight 280W,   Max 600 VDC  Trina Solar SMA 6.8 KW Grid Tied Inverter Pyranometer , The Day Star Meter,  ...... Irradiance meter Irradiance Measured  1150 w/m2  >  stc 1000 w/ m2 Temp.  a few degree above stc 25C/77f with a cool breeze cooling the modules Array Tilt and azimuth angle  30 / 131 Degrees

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